P.O.R.N. Timeless Tradition line up revealing part 1

P.O.R.N. Timeless Tradition line up revealing part 1

Looking for dark beats, more raw and hard then anything else? Then you know P.O.R.N. is the place 2 B

On Saturday the 27th of April, after a 3,5 year hiatus, there will be a new edition of P.O.R.N., this time at a new venue. No expenses will be spared to present our guests with the very best.

Only the very best artists will be flown in from all over the world, to perform at this event. These are artists that you can only catch once a year, if not less, to see them. And they will give you a party you’ll never forget!

Besides all the musical offerings, there is a lot more waiting for you. Live artwork, VJ installations and a interactive experience that we cant wait to unveil. Be sure that you will get a once in a lifetime spectacle!

To give you a small preview of all that’s to come, here is a small part of the line up:

P.O.R.N. Line up part 1:

Burning Lazy Persons (JP)
Chem D (IT)
Bart Hard
Hellseeker & Doctor Terror
Simon Underground (UK)
Nawoto Suzuki (JP)
Twilight (IT)

Tickets are available online @ www.paylogic.nl
And for sale at all Primera’s in Holland and Free Recordshops in Belgium