P.O.R.N. is the first dutch organization within the hardcore scene that has given a platform
to the less accessible musicstyles; and is now known as one of the most important and
influential organization within the current (terror)scene.

Started back in ’99 by Akira, Drokz, Reanimator & H.H.S., to give the unknown music styles
a podium, giving opportunities to music styles that had not been given any previously.
The first parties followed quickly in the Waterfront venue in Rotterdam and the Doornroosje in
Nijmegen, a legend was born!
Ever since P.O.R.N. has constantly been busy;
introducing new music styles, artists and concepts. P.O.R.N. has delivered an enormous contribution to
the terror scene.

…Often imitated never duplicated

Many legendary parties have happened since and a huge amount of Dutch and foreign artists have
been introduced by the P.O.R.N. organization. These acts have almost all had big breakthrough
after their performances at P.O.R.N. and subsequently conquered many other events and venues.
A good example of this is the Deathchant party in the Paard van Troje in The Hague, back in 2002.
At this event the entire Deathchant crew introduced itself to the Dutch crowd.
Another great example is the first time Nasenbluten (AKA Mark N) & Nevermind were introduced.
Nowadays the names Deathchant, Hellfish, The DJ Producer and Bloody Fist need no introduction.

Besides Hellfish, The DJ Producer, Nevermind and Mark N, many other (now) big names had their
first performances in The Netherlands at a P.O.R.N. event. Artists like I:gor, Goetia, Simon Underground,
Ely Muff, Totschläger, Twilight and Smurf…. And the list goes on and on, which is why we have compiled
a complete list for you, which you can find here on our website.

P.O.R.N. has never forgotten about new talent ofcourse! P.O.R.N. has always given a chance to the up and coming
talents within the scene, and this will never ever change. P.O.R.N. sees itself as a crucial part of the
development of new talent within the scene and the country as a whole.
With acts like BoneheadThe Vizitor, Vexer, Soundwave, ExplicitBrainwashInnovative, Chem D
and Noizefucker we name but a few of the talents who made their start at P.O.R.N. and have
been developing and growing ever since.

P.O.R.N., AKA Preachers of Raging Noise represents underground and aversion towards commercial music.