As organizers of the famous P.O.R.N. events, we are often flooded with requests concerning the availability of the exclusive and limited P.O.R.N. t-shirts. These shirts are only available at P.O.R.N. parties. This ensures that they are in demand and very exclusive, and becoming collector’s items, especially as there haven’t been any new t-shirts for over 3 and a half year!! It should there for be very obvious that the previous edition’s t-shirts are all sold out. We know that this will disappoint a lot of people, but this next event will again see the release of a limited edition t-shirt again.

Here you can get a good impression of all the merchandise that P.O.R.N. has released over the years. All P.O.R.N. merchandise is exclusive and very limited in number, and of course only available at P.O.R.N. events, and will not be available in any other way before or after the event. This is what makes them so very exclusive and limited. It is also worth mentioning that there will be special offers for P.O.R.N. die-hards who own one or more of these collectors’ items.


Edition: Limited 001
Theme: Overkill, P.O.R.N.
Launched: 17th of September 2005
Quantity : 50 pieces
Status: Sold out
Edition: Limited 002
Theme: We take over P.O.R.N.
Launched: 1st of April 2006
Quantity : 100 pieces
Status: Sold out
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Edition: Limited 003
Theme: Oldskool Terror P.O.R.N.
Launched: 6th of January 2007
Quantity : 150 pieces
Status: Sold out
Front Back
Edition: Limited 004
Theme: H.K.V. vs P.O.R.N.
Launched: 28th of Juyi 2007
Quantity : 100 pieces
Status: Sold out
Front Back
Edition: Limited 005
Theme: Timeless Tradition
Launched: T.B.A.
Quantity : T.B.A.
Status: In production